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Galvanized Steel Water Tanks

Protank offers some of the best galvanized steel water tanks available on the market today. Our tanks make top choices among water tanks in terms of their construction material, engineering design, volume capacity, available options, customization ability, certification and company support. Our steel water tanks are produced by North America’s leading steel tank manufacturers Climate Tanks Inc. and CorGal Water Storage Tanks, Inc . with more than 30 years experience, growth and industry know-how on providing quality, reliable water tank products. These large capacity steel water tanks are perfect for scenarios that need a long lasting, compatible and certified source of clean water backed with a leading warranty system. Our galvanized steel water tank products are fabricated in the USA according to modern codes and law requirements for sizable building structures intended to hold large capacities of water.

Steel Water Tank Specifications

Tank Codes & Certifications

Our steel water tanks are approved with American loading, concrete and steel structure design seals: ASCE7-10; AISC 360-10; ACI 318-14; AISIS 100-07, and; AWS D1. Engineering and tank production is according to ASTM D5885 and ASTM D638 standards. Tank materials meet NFPA 22 fire codes and approvals for fire-based scenarios. Internal tank water contact liners meet all NSF / ANSI 61 requirements certifying them for long term potable (drinkable) water use. Structurally, tanks can be rated for wind speeds of 115 to 150 mph, can meet Zone B seismic requirements and are rated to handle 20 PSF of snow weight.

Materials & Manufacturing

Protank’s steel water tanks are manufactured from hot dipped galvanized steel that resists weathering, corrosion, impacts and is UV proof. The weight of steel used is either G-115 or G-145 depending on product type (1.15 to 1.45 ounces per square foot – the thickest advertised coating on the market). They feature corrugated steel sidewalls made to either 20 gauge or 23 gauge for the largest tank capacities, and 24 gauge to 26 gauge roof panels.


Protank’s steel water tanks come in standard volume capacities ranging from 5000 gallons up to 102000 gallons (18,927 to 386,112 liters). Exact volumes available are 5000, 12000, 16000, 28000, 37000, 50000, 65000, 77000 and 102000 gallons. Larger capacity tanks can be provided on request with volumes up to 200000 gallons.

Our galvanized water tanks have structural dimensions that increase from 130" diameter x 90" height (10.8ft x 7.5ft) up to 512" diameter x 127" height (42.7ft x 10.6ft).

Tank Features | Available Roof Types

Galvanized steel water tanks come in various roof type options to suit application needs and location requirements. The tanks are available with either standard or speciality roof types. Standard roof types include: 30° Flat Seam Roof, the most commonly used type; 30° High Rib Roof; 10° High Rib Roof, and; Open Top. Specialty roof types include: Inverted Roof; Flat Roof; Corrugated Flat Roof, and; Membrane Cover type.

Tank Features | Plumbing

All galvanized steel water tanks feature water flow inlets, outlet access ports and safety overflow pipes. Tank inlets come in either 16” or 20” diameters with a roof inlet basket screen and UV guard. Delivery outlets are 2” standard bulkheads (or 2” GFN type) with a nickel coated ball valve fitted with a PVC schedule 40 type connector. Tank volume overflows are 6” PVC pipe overflows with mosquito screen and anti-animal one-way flap guards.

Tank Liner

Internal steel water tank liners are made from either 20mil polyethylene or 24mil PVC, modern, durable and flexible thermoplastic materials. The resins used are high quality, BPA free virgin resin only that meets FDA and NSF / ANSI requirements for food grade, drinking water use.

Polyethylene liners are 20mil thick geomembranes with 700% elongation to break and 2000min HPOIT per ASTM D638 and D5885 standards, respectively.

Important Points | Installation, Site Preparation, Benefits

When ordered, galvanized steel water tanks are delivered to your direct location as a complete unassembled package ready to be installed. Installation occurs onsite by licensed professionals after receipt of a thorough site specific, structural design calculation package certified by a licensed engineer within your state. This ensures the tank is built firmly to location requirements and in compliance with local law ordinances.

These tanks often require a concrete floor or other foundation type to provide tank support. Thorough review and the site engineer will design and specify foundation, anchor types, size and necessary embedment.


Galvanized steel water tanks promote water conservation, can be built on difficult to access sites, can be disassembled, can be relocated, are suitable for active / passive fire protection systems, can reduce well pump strain, can increase property value and are capable of lasting a lifetime.

Available Options for Steel Water Tanks

Our galvanized steel water tanks feature various customization options or add on accessories. They can be installed in various colors from green, black, white, beige, gray and others to match their surroundings. Tanks can be made with different side wall types including annular, steel cladding, patina, wood, decorative facia and masonry type exteriors. Tank walls can accept signage for the installation of company logos, branding statements or decals. Available steel water tank accessories include rainwater gutter systems that use the tank roof to capture rainwater; an external water level indicator; OSHA compliant side ladder, roof ladder and roof safety rings; 20” to 30” lockable hinged tank roof manway openings. Tank towers are also available to provide water tank elevation and come in wood, steel or in combination with round, square or octagonal platforms with straight or slanted leg styles.

Six Main Applications and More

Galvanized steel water tanks are ideal for many applications where a repeat source of reliable water is necessary. Their most common uses are in rainwater harvesting, fire protection, stormwater management, irrigation, agriculture, and potable water sourcing. For rainwater harvesting (RWH), steel water tanks offer the largest volume collection tanks on the market. In fire protection, they frequently service rural precincts, farms or small towns with only a small, maybe volunteer type fire department. For stormwater management, these tanks can help prevent damage or hazards from insufficient infrastructure and help gain control of weather effects over large land ownership cases.

In irrigation uses, our steel tanks serve as welcome alternatives to long draws on well supplies and pumps or from reliance on municipal supply. For agriculture, they help offset dry seasons, unexpected droughts and provide water during growing seasons. In potable water provision, the tanks deliver clean, lasting and certified materials suited for years of drinking water service to businesses, industries, healthcare, educational facilities, storefronts, farms and residences.

Our steel water tanks are also often and suitably used as thermal storage and water cooling tanks as well as brewery and winery tanks.

Takeaway Summary

  • Codes | ASME, NFPA 22, ANSI/NSF 61

  • Material | G115 - G145 Galvanized Steel

  • Liners | 20mil Polyethylene or 24mil PVC

  • Wall Thickness | 20 - 23 Gauge

  • Roof Options | Flat Seam, High Rib, Open top, Inverted Roof, Flat Roof, Corrugated Flat Roof, Membrane Cover

  • Roof Thickness | 24 - 26 Gauge

  • Volumes | 5,000 to 600,000 Gallons

  • Sizes | 130" D x 90" H to 512" D x 127" H

  • Ports | 16-20in Inlet, 2in Outlet, 6in Overflow

  • Options | Tank colors; Side Wall Styles; Rain Gutters; Volume Indicator; Ladders; Manway; Tank Towers

Climate Tanks™ Galvanized Steel Bolted Tanks

Climate Tanks™ bolted steel tanks have several advantages:

Provides a high degree of protection to the tank for a large range of applications: potable water, rainwater harvesting, to firewater holding. High corrosion resistance with the modular nature of the tank build gives clients significant benefits in containment security, build times and life-time costs. Climate Tanks™ give you the assurance and dedication to the highest quality associated with our brand. We use high quality raw materials, which meet or exceed the requirements of relevant tank design standards and applicable International Standards: American Water Works Association (AWWA D103), European Union (EN 10025, EN 10149), American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM A1011), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 22), etc.

Climate Tanks™ is the industry leader in the above ground steel bolted tank sector which meet and exceed a number of industry standards including American Water Works Association (AWWA) D103, National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA 22), FM Approvals, European Union (EN), and can be used for a variety of applications including potable water, wastewater, fire protection systems, slurry and agricultural, mining, ClimaHarvest™ (rainwater and stormwater harvesting), dry bulk, certain chemicals, processing, cooling tower and blow down, and many more applications.

Galvanized Coated tanks are engineered to your site’s specification and installed by a trained crew. Galvanized bolted steel tanks have been the workhorse in the liquid storage industry for many years. These tanks are fabricated with galvanized steel panels bolted together making them economical, easy to transport to project site, easy to erect, and have a long-lasting interior and exterior finish. Tank bolts have a high tensile strength pounds per square inch and are available in three finishes: hot-dipped galvanized, encapsulated & stainless steel. For resistance to a variety of liquids such as water, wastewater and oils, several liner materials are available including ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), butyl, and poly vinyl chloride (PVC) with or without NSF 61 Potable Certification. Tank nozzle and MaxAccess™ XXL (side manways) gaskets are precision punched to fit exactly and are formulated to remain flexible and not separate from the tank surface.

Climate Tanks Galvanized Steel Tank Climate Tanks Galvanized Steel Tank 2 Climate Tanks Galvanized Steel Tank 3 Climate Tanks Galvanized Steel Tank 4 Climate Tanks Galvanized Steel Tank 5
Rainwater Storage


Highly versatile and are used around the world in rainwater harvesting systems and applications - both commercial and residential.

Fire Protection


Fire protection tanks are growing as a cost effective alternative to meet the fire flow demands for residential and commercial developments dictated by local precincts.

Stormwater Management


Using tanks for detention or retention of stormwater is an effective way to maximize land use while decreasing project costs and is a requirement in many jurisdictions.



Water storage tanks are a great alternative to well water or municipal supply for irrigation watering needs. See how tanks can be utilized in conjunction with traditional methods.



Cisterns and water tanks have been a popular solution for agriculture water needs for decades. Stored water helps to offset the dry seasons providing needed water in the growing season.

Potable Water


Our tanks are available in many sizes and capacities for capturing and safely storing potable drinking water with NSF-61 certified liners for private residence and public venues.

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